July 16, 2021

US Sports Bettors Have Already Wagered More in 2021 Than All of 2020

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This article originally appeared in Sports Betting Dime.

Halfway into 2021, the United States has already generated more sports betting revenue than it did in all of 2020. As the official monthly revenue reports from June 2021 continue to roll in, it appears the overall sports betting handle (the amount wagered on sports) will more than double year-over-year. 

As legal sports wagering expands into more and more states, the popularity of sports betting is booming. With additional states such as Arizona, Maryland, and Louisiana expected to come online later this year, American sportsbooks are on track to take in more than $45 billion of action in 2021. 

In just six months, Americans have already wagered more than $21.5 billion with legal sportsbooks this year. After paying out winning bets, that’s resulted in more than $1.6 billion in gross gaming revenue. Over $200 million has wound up back in state coffers, often used to help fund things such as K-12 education programs. Compare those numbers to previous annual totals and it’s obvious the industry is skyrocketing. 

The best three stand-alone months in the young history of legal sports betting in the US have all come in 2021. In March, a record $4,611,002,625 was wagered on sports in a single month, reflecting the widespread popularity of college basketball’s March Madness. Typically, the bigger betting volumes come during football season, so there are even greater months ahead this year. Couple that with the fact that additional new states are launching soon and it becomes clear the industry has not yet reached its ceiling.

At the individual state level, New Jersey is once again leading the way. The Garden State will almost certainly finish with the highest betting handle of any state in 2021 – it’s currently on track to take in over $9 billion (and possibly even $10 billion) in wagers this year.

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