After a two-year hiatus, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be returning to the ring this Saturday, August 26th 2017, when he takes on the Republic of Ireland’s Conor McGregor at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course, the unusual aspect of this fight is that McGregor is a mixed martial artist who fights for the UFC. However, he’ll be making his pro boxing debut this weekend and will be doing it against a former multi-division and multi-time world champion who also happens to be undefeated with a perfect mark of 49-0 with 26 Kos.

Mayweather vs McGregor Odds – bet365 Boxing Betting Line

  • bet365 lists Mayweather as the favorite to win the fight at 4/17 with McGregor 33/10 – a draw is listed at 40/1

Floyd Mayweather Odds

  • Floyd Mayweather by Unanimous Decision – 5/2
  • Floyd Mayweather by Split Decision – 33/1
  • Floyd Mayweather by TKO – 15/8
  • Floyd Mayweather by Knockout – 3/1
  • Floyd Mayweather by Disqualified Opponent – 12/1
  • Floyd Mayweather by Majority Decision – 35/1
  • Floyd Mayweather by Technical Decision – 66/1

Conor McGregor Odds

  • Conor McGregor by Unanimous Decision – 80/1
  • Conor McGregor by Split Decision – 66/1
  • Conor McGregor by TKO – 8/1
  • Conor McGregor by Knockout – 6/1
  • Conor McGregor by Disqualified Opponent – 66/1
  • Conor McGregor by Majority Decision – 66/1
  • Conor McGregor by Technical Decision – 80/1


  • Draw – 40/1

Even if the odds aren’t stacked against McGregor, most of the intangibles are. The 12 round bout is scheduled for the super welterweight division, which is also known as junior middleweight and has a limit of 154 lbs. There have already been rumors floating around that McGregor is struggling to make weight. If he fails to make the 154-lb. weigh in, it will cost the Irishman a chunk of his multimillion dollar purse, which will then go to Mayweather, the pride of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The tale of the tape could be a little misleading as it shows us this could be an extremely competitive boxing match. Mayweather is 5-feet-8-inches tall with a reach of 72 inches while McGregor has a slight advantage in both departments as he’s 5-foot-9 with a 74-inch wingspan. When it comes to boxing experience, Mayweather is a former 1996 Olympian, which is when he last tasted defeat and has fought 387 rounds as a pro. In fact, he’s fought well over 250 world championship rounds alone while McGregor has boxed exactly zero rounds as a pro or amateur.

McGregor does have one thing going for him though and that’s his youth as he’s 29 years old compared to Mayweather’s 40. It could also be argued that the eight-ounce gloves the pair of combatants will be wearing could favor the mixed martial artist as the punches will be heavier. But on the flip side of that coin, lighter gloves will also accentuate the speed of Mayweather’s hands. Mayweather isn’t exactly known as a power puncher, but he does have a respectable knockout ratio of 53 per cent. However, his last knockout was a controversial one over Victor Ortiz back in 2011 and prior to that, his last stoppage was over Ricky Hatton in 2007.

As for McGregor, he’s one of the best at his profession, but that profession isn’t boxing. He’s been in the mixed martial arts business since 2008 and has built up a fine record of 21-3 with 18 of those victories coming by way of knockout. The other three were by submission. He seems to have a decent chin as his three defeats came via submission. He’s won the Lightweight and Featherweight UFC Titles and is the biggest draw in the organization’s history. McGregor also holds the UFC record for the quickest-ever title win when he stopped Jose Aldo with a barrage of punches in only 13 seconds in 2015.

Mayweather is regarded as a certain hall of famer who will go down in history as one of the best boxers of all time. He has an excellent chin and defense while he’s second to none when it comes to overall ring generalship and boxing IQ. However, contrary to popular belief, he can be hit and hurt. Mayweather prefers to pace himself and isn’t one to initiate a fast-paced, toe-to-toe brawl. This is where McGregor comes in and it appears to be his only hope of victory.

Mayweather has beaten some of the best boxers of his generation such as Hatton, Ortiz, Andrew Berto, Shane Mosley, Diego Corrales, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, Marcos Maidana, Juan Manuel Marquez, Zab Judah, Oscar De la Hoya, Jose Luis Castillo, Arturo Gatti, Jesus Chavez, Genaro Hernandez, Angel Manfredy and Manny Pacquiao. McGregor obviously has some primitive boxing skills and has been trying to hone them, but in no way does he compare to Mayweather’s previous opponents.

None of this matters once the bell rings though. Conventional wisdom would suggest that McGregor’s only chance of winning will be to simply go after Mayweather and let his fists fly from the opening bell. But this could be playing into Mayweather’s strength as he’s such an excellent defensive boxer. Still, it’s the risk McGregor has to take because the chances of him outboxing his opponent appear to be slim and none. If he does win a decision it’ll be because he knocks Mayweather all over the ring and while that’s possible, it’s also highly unlikely.