The Major League Baseball trade deadline has just come and gone as teams get prepared for the final playoff push down the stretch. Each division winner in the National and American Leagues will reach the postseason along with a pair of wild-card teams in each league. The top two wild-card clubs in each league will meet in a one-game playoff to decide who will proceed to the playoffs. Let’s take a look at each National League Division as of August 3rd 2016 to see who will likely reach the postseason as well as each team’s current bet365 odds of winning the 2016 World Series.

bet365 MLB Odds: National League East:

The Washington Nationals are in good position with a 6-game lead over the Miami Marlins. They’re also 7.5 games up on the third-place New York Mets while the fourth-place Philadelphia are more or less out of it at 14.5 games behind and the last-place Atlanta Braves would need a miracle to reach the postseason at 25.5 games back. Miami was in a wild card position while the Mets were just 1.5 games behind. According to, Washington’s chance of making the postseason stands at 96% with Miami at 36.2% and the Mets at 32%.

Here are the bet365 MLB Odds of an National League East team winning the World Series:

  • Washington Nationals 9/2
  • Miami Marlins 28/1
  • New York Mets 28/1
  • Philadelphia Phillies 1500/1
  • Atlanta Braves 4500/1

bet365 MLB Odds: National League Central:

The Chicago Cubs have the biggest lead in MLB as they’re 9 games up on the St. Louis Cardinals. The third-place Pittsburgh Pirates are 11 back with the Milwaukee Brewers in fourth place and 16.5 games behind while the last-place Cincinnati Reds are out of the race at 21.5 behind the Cubs. St. Louis is still in the wild card race though at just a half-game behind while the Pirates still have a shot at 2.5 games back in the wild-card standings. The Cubs would have to collapse now to miss the playoffs since they have a 99.7% chance of reaching the postseason while St. Louis is at 44.7% and the Pirates have a 14.3% chance.

Here are the bet365 MLB Odds of an National League Central team winning the World Series:

  • Chicago Cubs are the overall MLB favorites at 3/1
  • St. Louis Cardinals 40/1
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 60/1
  • Milwaukee Brewers 3000/1
  • Cincinnati Reds 4500/1

bet365 MLB Odds: National League West:

There’s a race for top spot with the San Francisco Giants holding a 2-game edge over the Los Angeles Dodgers. The third-place Colorado Rockies are 8 behind while the fourth-place San Diego Padres are 15.5 games off the pace and the last-place Arizona Diamondbacks are 18.5 games behind. The Dodgers have a 2.5-game lead in the wild-card race while the Rockies are still alive at 3.5 games behind. Both the Giants and Dodgers have a great chance at making the playoffs with the Dodgers having an 89.4% shot and the Giants at 83.6%.

Here are the bet365 MLB Odds of an National League West team winning the World Series:

  • San Francisco Giants are second best in MLB at 9/2
  • Los Angeles Dodgers 15/1
  • Colorado Rockies 200/1
  • San Diego Padres 2000/1
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 3000/1

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